2018 Sorter Pinot Gris


Product Description

A luxuriously textured and full flavoured pinot gris, I have taken this variety and made it my own by “completely blowing the budget” on the finest French oak barrels available, retaining all the plush, juicy nashi pear and white peach flavours for you to explore with food.

A must with roasted pumpkin, blue cheese, spinach and pine nut gnocchi....


French word meaning ‘greyhound’, Lévrier are one of the oldest breed of dog appearing in ancient art and literature throughout history.

Originally bred as hunting dogs, these majestic animals are constant companions in my life and have been associated with royalty, warriors and noblemen for centuries.

During the battle with Greeks in 432-404 BC, the Corinthians used greyhounds to protect their city by boxing them at the seashore to warn of any impending invasion. One time during the night, the Greeks came ashore whilst the garrison were asleep. One greyhound named ‘Sorter’, fled to the town to give warning and roused the soldiers to battle thus saving the town. The grateful townfolk erected an engraved monument in his honour.

Personally selected single vineyard fruit from dedicated Eden Valley growers, matured for 12 months on lees and stored in 20% new and second use French oak barrels for 14 months before release.

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