2014 Peritas Zinfandel Magnum 1.5L


Product Description

Awarded Gold Medal at San Francisco International Wine Competition

Awarded Gold Medal at 2020 New York International Wine Competition

96 Points from Nick's Wines Merchants.

French word meaning ‘greyhound’, Lévrier are one of the oldest breed of dog appearing in ancient art and literature throughout history.

Originally bred as hunting dogs, these majestic animals are constant companions in my life and have been associated with royalty, warriors and noblemen for centuries.

Greek warrior Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) used greyhounds during his military campaigns. One faithful battle, his favourite greyhound Peritas fought a war elephant. Alexander was so impressed at the faithfulness and bravery of Peritas that he ordered a state funeral for his friend, named a city after him and had a statue erected in his honour in the city square.

Personally selected single vineyard fruit from dedicated Barossa and Eden Valley growers, matured for 24 months in specific new French oak barrels and bottle aged for a minimum of 12 months before release.

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